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TRIFACTOR is comprised of persons who have meritoriously established their competence and good reputation in the respective fields undertaken by the company. They deliver, in no small measure, a wealth of knowledge, skills, experience and commitment to get the job done. This ensures that projects are completed under budgeted costs and within the scheduled time frames, while meeting all technical and quality specifications safely and securely.


The Directors and employees all recognize the potential of the company to be the leader in its field; and to become a self- sustaining and profitable organization in the industry, both here and abroad.

Our people have established themselves as experts in their individual fields in the industrial landscape in Trinidad and Tobago, and are well known for providing the required products and services at the best value, on schedule, and while meeting and surpassing all quality and safety standards.


Managing Director:

Lennox Oudit

"My personal experience, along with that of the dedicated persons on my team, has motivated me to apply our combined expertise, core competencies, personal and financial resources to ensuring that this entity is based on sound business operating procedures and systems, and is committed to the highest return of goal achievement on every job."