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  • Solar Water Pumping Systems:  Surface Pumps 

                         Submersible Pumps

  • Solar Pool Pumps

  • Hybrid Solar Water Pumping      Systems

  • Solar Pump Accessories 

  • PV Solar Panels

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  • Solar Water Heaters:    

    • 100L​

    • 150L

    • 200L

    • 300L

  • Solar Pool Heaters

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  • Solar Off Grid Systems 

  • Solar Grid Tied Systems 

  • PV Panels

  • Lithium Batteries 

  • Inverters

  • Charge Controllers

  • Solar Benches

  • Atmospheric Water Generators

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Why choose Solar? One answer to your question is in the video below!

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  • Solar Off Grid Systems

  • Solar All in One Generating Units

  • Solar Lighting 

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AC units are one of the most power consuming appliances in a building. What if there was a way to reduce the cost of your AC consumption on your electricity bill? What if that way didn't come with the larger start up cost of a solar system?

Introducing Coolnomix units. These handy gadgets are attached to your existing AC unit, and works with temperature sensors to optimize the performance of the AC's compressor. 

By doing so, it can reduce the AC electric cost on your overall bill by up to 40%! 

Coolnomix Unit.PNG
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