Gas and Diesel Generators
Rental Packs 
Portable Gensets 
Lighting Towers 
UL 2200
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Dr. Sam Avasthi, P.E., Chairman & CEO of Avasthi & Associates, Inc., Worldwide Energy Consulting said, "The key to [surviving and succeeding], always has been those with lean and mean operations, and watching the bottom line. I look at the down cycles as a great opportunity."

Engineering Consulting

EOR/IOR Consulting 

Unconventional/ Shale Resources Consulting

Geomechanics/ Geo-sciences Consulting

Offshore Projects Consulting

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Submersibles Cutters 

Submersibles Stainless 

Self-Priming Solids Handling 

End-Suction Cetrifugal 

Vertical In-Line 

Vertical Multi-Stage 

ANSI Centrifugal 

Control Panels 

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Classical Single Belts 

Notched Single Belts 

Classical Hex Belts 

Banded Cut Cogged Belts 

V-Ribbed Belts 

HTD Timing Belts 

Trapezoidal Timing Belts 

Dual HTD Timing Belts 

Dual Trapezoidal Timing Belts 

Best Link V-Belts

Cotton Cleaner Belts 

Lawn and Garden Belts 

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Rotary Compression

Reciprocating Compression 

GasJack Compressors 

Backside Auto Injection System

VJack Electric Compression

Aftermarket Services

Satellite Based Fleet Monitoring

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Pumps for:

Water Treatment

Flue Gas Desulfurization 

Seawater Desalination

Pressure Boosting Systems in Industrial Processes 

Water Supply 

Oil & Gas Applications 

Condensate Production 

Fertilizer Industry 

Potash Industry

Mineral Processing and Refining

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Borehole Pumps 

Submersible Pumps 

Submersible Motors 

SubDrive Solar Pumping Systems 

Artificial Lift Systems 

Agricultural Pumps 

MH Series Pumps 

Mono BP Range; Hand Pumps; HD Range; Industrial G and M Ranges

Orbit GW, HOP, Power Pump, Mini, Industrial E and Industrial B&D Ranges 

Rotoflo (High Performance Compact Pumps)

Tsunami (Axial Flow Pumps)

Compact C (Progressing Cavity Pumps) 

FPS S-Series Industrial and Multi-Stage Pumps) 

J-Class Sandhandler (Submersible Pumps) 
FPS VR-Series (Stainless Steel Pumps)

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NGL Recovery 




Ethane Removal from Natural Gas 

Gas and Liquid Treating 

Sulfur Recovery 

CO2 Purification and Liquefaction 

Hydrogen and Synthesis Gas 

Fuel Gas Conditioning 

Compressor Stations 

Water Treatment


Holmes Roots Type Blowers 

Tinado Tri-Lobe Blowers 

High Vacuum Boosters 

Truck & Vehicle Mount Blowers 

Standard Blower Packages 

Bespoke Blower Packages 

Blower Safety Valve 

Blower Safety Valve 

Blower Oil and Lubrication

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Supply of Refractory Material 

Carbon Fiber Wraps 

Fireproofing Materials

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Constant Hangers and Constant Supports 

Spring Hangers and Spring Supports 

Dynamic Components 

Roller Bearings 

Cryogenic Pipe Supports and Pipe Saddles 

Pipe Clamps and Pipe Connections

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Horizontal Mechanically Sealed Pumps

Horizontal Magnetic Drive Pumps

Vertical Chemical Pumps

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Fire Pumps

Municipal Pumps and Systems 

HVAC Pumps

Plumbing Systems 

Water and Wastewater Systems

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Casing Centralizers

Float Equipment

Cementing Plugs

Cementing Heads

Cementing Baskets

Stage Cementing Collar

Pumping Units

Drill Pipes

Sucker Rod Pumps

Sucker Rods

Casing Heads 

Casing & Tubing

Air Cannons

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Single and Duplex Filters 

Automatic Filters

Marine Filters


Cartridge System Valves 

Pressure Reducers 

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Power Tong

TITAN API Sucker Rods

TITAN Triplex Plunger Pumps

Belts and Guages

TITAN Pump Jacks

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Gate Valves 

Globe Valves

Check Valves

ATT Control Valves 

Swing Check Valves

Forged Steel Floating Ball Valves 

API 600 Gate Valves

Fully-Welded Ball Valves

Cast Steel Trunnion Ball Valves

Forged Steel Trunnion Ball Valves

Top Entry Trunnion Ball Valves

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Drainage and Sewage Pumps

Uniqa Submersible Pumps

Portable/Clean Water Pumps and Accessories

Lubricant and Fuel Pumps

Grinder and Chopper Pumps

Engine Driven Surface Mounted Pumps

Booster Sets


Hydrostatic Testing

High Pressure Breathing Air Systems Rental Fleet

Alternate Fuels Compression Systems & Components

Natural Gas Refueling Stations & Component Systems

Medical, Vacuum, Blower, Air Compressor, Booster, Gasp Compressor, Breathing Air and Fire Services Compressor Systems and Components

Mobile Air Trailer

Filtration, Drying Systems, Process Water Chillers & Components

Air, Gas and Water Piping Systems

Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Self-Contained Precipitators

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Dome Roofs 

Internal Floating Roofs

Aluminium Covers GmbH

Storage and Product Tanks